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“We are working to empower Maasai communities, preserve their prominent cultural heritage, using approaches that directly benefits people’s livelihood, equality, and sustain conservation of legendary wildlife, ecosystems and astounding biodiversity of Eastern Serengeti”

Community Empowerment is a key strategy. Maasai people’s livelihood and survival revolves around their famous cultural livestock herding and their deep connection to nature. Like many other communities around the global, Maasai are facing numerous challenges associated to climate change, population growth, urbanization, and modernization. These do threaten their total way of life, livelihood, pressure much inequalities and jeopardize survival of legendary Savannah grasslands, ecosystems and African wildlife which Maasai people have co-existed with back to their history. The survival of both Maasai people and nature are purely interconnected. Improving the livelihood of these communities, shall positively impact the ecosystem.

Rozalia Foundation operates a range of programs aimed improving the livelihood of Maasai people and enable them to preserve their cultural heritage and sustain conservation of ecological treasures that exist within the land they call home. Our mission is to implement community based programs which improves local communities’ economic standards, gender equality, and climate resilience in order to encourage Maasai people to continue supporting conservation while adapting with economic dynamics.

Areas of Intervations

Empowering Maasai Girls Menstruation Period in Tanzania

Join us in making a difference in the lives of Maasai girls by supporting their menstrual hygiene needs. With your generous donation, we can empower these girls to embrace their periods with dignity, education, and resources. Let’s break the barriers and create a positive impact together.

We as Rozalia Foundation; a charity organization working to empower livelihood on Maasai people and support sustainable conservation in Eastern Serengeti National Park in Tanzania are working among other issues in empowering women break out of traditional taboos one of them being their privacy during their menstruation periods.

Among Maasai people this is deeply ingrained stigma surrounding menstruation in Maasai communities, resulting in girls missing school and abandoning their education. We are committed to creating an environment where girls can attend school regularly, ensuring they receive the education they deserve.

By supporting our campaign, you have the power to empower Maasai girls, enabling them to overcome these challenges and pursue their education with a sense of self-assurance and dignity. As Rozalia foundation we work in these key areas to ensure that we meet the goals of this campaign.

We provide Menstrual Education: Our belief is that knowledge is power. By conducting interactive workshops and providing educational materials, we will empower Maasai girls with accurate information about menstruation, debunk myths and stigmas, and promote good menstrual hygiene practices.

Facilitating access to Menstrual Hygiene Products: Lack of access to proper menstrual hygiene products often leads to unhygienic practices and discomfort. As menstruation period is itself a taboo among Maasai people, hence there are no special places to access menstrual hygiene products. We strive to provide reusable and environmentally-friendly sanitary pads or menstrual cups to ensure that Maasai girls have safe and hygienic options during their periods.

Community Support and Advocacy: By working closely with local communities, leaders, and parents, we aim to break the silence and stigma surrounding menstruation. We will foster an environment that supports open discussions, challenges taboos, and promotes inclusivity, ensuring that Maasai girls feel confident and supported throughout their menstrual journey.
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