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Rozalia Foundation is a Non-governmental and Non-profit organization based in Arusha Tanzania, registered under The Non-governmental Organization Act, 2002 with registration number 01NGO/R/4328. It is a charity dedicated in making positive impact by changing lives of local people living around the Serengeti eastern ecosystem in Northern Tanzania. In fact, the livelihoods of Pastoral Maasai communities who live adjacent to these ecological areas are historically inter-connected to nature. We live in the world where people and wildlife call home. Where these lives co-exist, competition of resources and conflicts among them becomes inevitable. Our Mission is to establish a win-win atmosphere benefiting both nature and local communities by achieving long-term impact of turning ecologically and economically vulnerable areas into future viable conservation economies.



Envisages a society where all individuals are entitled to equal access and management of resources and where everyone participates in nature conservation.


To empower and Mobilize Indigenous  communities to realize better access and sustainable management of their own resources in equal participation while leaving mother nature untouched.


Get to meet us

Shengena Killel

Founding Director

‘We live in the world where people and wildlife call home; this is a facts that has driven Shengena throughout diversities of experiences and sharpened his daily working philosophy…

Mathias Tooko

Founder & Program Co-ordinator

Mathias Tooko is a professional journalist and Volunteer at Rozalia Foundation. Growing up, the son of a traditional Maasai elder outside of the Serengeti;,…

Rozalia Jacob

Founder & Engagement Manager

Rozalia is the Co-founder of Rozalia foundation, a charitable organization dedicated to improving the livelihood of Maasai communities living adjacent to Serengeti National Park…

Antonia Sukums


Antonia Sukums is a dedicated and passionate social worker and volunteer with extensive experience in women’s empowerment and training on sanitation and hygiene projects…

Rose Msoma


Rose Msoma has extensive experience in working on education projects, where she has helped to improve access to quality education for children in marginalized communities…

Elibariki Gabriel

Technical Advisor

Gabriel Elibariki is a devoted individual who serves as technical advisor for the Rozalia Foundation. With his extensive knowledge and experience in the field of social work,…

Our Partners

Rozalia Foundation, is currently Partnering with Naona Maasai Tours Limited, Footslopes Tours and Safaris Limited, Ona TV, Government of Tanzania and local communities. Our interventions are Community root based, measurable and of sustainable impact. The participation of community members is highly considered with endorsement from the government authorities.

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