Rozalia Jacob: Founder & Health specialist

Rozalia is the Co-founder of Rozalia foundation, a charitable organization dedicated to improving the livelihood of Maasai communities living adjacent to Serengeti National Park. After completing her studies in Nursing in 2013, Rozalia has worked in various organizations such as Celian Lutheran Hospital, Maternity African, Naona Maasai Tours and dedicated most of her time in programs related to community health education, fistula screening and counseling, midwifery and women empowerment.

Born and working on Maasai land, Rozalia has experienced and observed hundreds of women facing challenges in obtaining health services, struggling to get water for families, victimized in gender based violence and ignored in community decision making and resources management. She has witnessed various conflicts arising between her Maasai people and wildlife as she lives on wildlife rich savannah adjacent to great Serengeti National Park. When she kept seeing children walking tens miles to nearest schools and girls parting from schools due challenges beyond their control; Rozalia vowed to be a voice and went on to establish Rozalia Foundation to provide answers on a puzzle of sustainable development in Maasai communities.