Shengena Killel – Founding Director

‘We live in the world where people and wildlife call home’; this is a facts that has driven Shengena throughout diversities of experiences and sharpened his daily working philosophy. After his years of University studies in Economics; Shengena decided to dedicate his life and professional work back to Maasai land where he grew up as a boy herding livestock on twisting endless savannah, a place where wildlife and people ever co-existed in harmony. He foundered Naona Maasai Tours as a gateway of sharing these passions and breathtaking experiences with international adventure travel community.  Through his business, Shengena has changed hundreds lives of fellow Maasai people on the process. Shengena has long straddled between a traditional Maasai and modern Tanzanian life, further allowing him to develop skills and vital understanding on community-based conservation and development efforts that draw from both of those worlds. He went further to join efforts with his wife Rozalia, and Mathias Tooko to establish Rozalia Foundation as an inspiration to empower majestic Maasai communities to overcome development obstacles and flourish on sustained and everlasting Ecosystems..Shengena is married with one daughter